Stefan Stoev won “Memorial Valery Velikov” 2022 in Shumen

Stefan Stoev (Silver Car F-10 from ASK “Bozhentsi”) won the second round of the Bulgarian mountain climbing championship “Memorial Valery Velikov” 2022, which was held in Shumen. The winner of the race became clear only in the third run, and before that, Stefan Stoev and Yulian Teliyski (Mitsubishi Lancer ASK Dunev Racing) contested the first place.

In the last climb, Stoev made a time of 01:43::790 minutes, and Teliyski 01:44:860 minutes, and with a total time of the three heats of 05:10.240 minutes, Stefan Stoev took the first place in the final ranking.

Stefan Stoev won the first race with 01:42:65, in the second he was behind Yulian Teliyski, who recorded 01:42:870 during the second ascent and before the third race the difference between the two was only 14 hundredths in favor of the pilot of ASK “Bozhentsi”. Third in both heats was Vasko Vazharov (Opel Astra ASK Dunev Racing) with a total time of both heats 03:28:830. But in the third Vazharov was unable to finish.

Thus, Nikolay Zlatkov with Audi Quatro S1 took the third place on the podium with a total time on the track of 05:24.100 minutes. Fourth is Petko Manolov Subaru Impreza (05:35.470 minutes), both from ASK Prospeed. Aleksandar Dimitrov-Pachka with a Honda Civic from ASK Damascena Alba finished fifth with a time of 05:52:230 minutes from the three heats. The sixth place was taken by Georgi Vasilev with Mitsubishi from ASK Prospeed – 05:52:350.

Three times in the third race, the race was stopped because of crashed cars – first the Honda of Ivaylo Ivanov, and then the BMW of Levent Yumerov, as the reasons for the accidents were technical problems with the cars. Because of a fire in Teliyski’s car after the final, a fire department car had to go on the track, and the incident was avoided with only material damage.

In the post-race press conference, the three fastest drivers were unanimous that it was a contested and interesting race. The winner, Stefan Stoev, regretted that he could not improve the track record, which is his. “We had a technical problem in the second run, and in the third the track was cold and so we got away with a new record on the track,” said Stoev.

Stoev, Teliyski and Zlatkov congratulated the organizers of “Memorial Valery Velikov” in every aspect. Nikolay Zlatkov called on the institutions responsible for asphalting to think about the pavement along the route of the Shumen Mountain. “We come here to entertain this incredible crowd, but with the surface up there at the finish, we’re taking a risk,” Zlatkov said.

For the good organization of the competition by ASK “Old Capitals” and the municipality of Shumen, they also received congratulations from the chairman of BFAS Rumen Dunev, who commented that the competition passed according to the international standards of similar competitions.



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