Star on the plane: Kate Moss pours vodka, Naomi Campbell flies into battle

Star on the plane: Kate Moss pours vodka, Naomi Campbell flies into battle

There is something about celebrities and airplanes – they seem to be incompatible in quite a few cases, writes “Daily Mail”.

High in the sky there have been many quarrels and disputes between famous persons and the crew, as well as with their companions.

As summer draws to a close and many stars return from their glamorous holiday getaways, here are some of the more memorable high-altitude high-altitude celebrity outings.

From profanity-laced tirades to arguments with airport staff, the heroes of such “incidents” on the plane are musicians Lee Ryan, Liam Gallagher and Courtney Love, models Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell and actor Sid Owen.

Lee Ryan

Earlier this month, “Blue” singer Lee Ryan apologized for his “indecent” behavior that led to his arrest on a British Airways flight.

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The veteran boy band said he plans to “seek professional help” after he became fired up after being denied alcohol on a flight from Glasgow to London City Airport.

It is said that he threw a lot of insults and abuse at the crew on board because he was not served a drink.

When the plane landed in London, the 39-year-old was handcuffed and arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct.

The singer was later released on bail pending further investigation, but revealed it was a wake-up call to address his issues.

Lee directly addressed the incident in a statement on the group’s official Instagram page, saying: “Last week I acted inappropriately on a flight to London and I want to say I’m sorry to the airline staff, everyone on the flight, my band mates, my family and our fans.”

The star added that he takes responsibility for the root cause of these problems.

Kate Moss

Supermodel Kate Moss was returning from her actress friend Sadie Frost’s 50th birthday party in Turkey when she got involved in the in-flight mess in 2015.

According to passengers, she took out and treated herself to vodka from her luggage after she was refused alcohol.

A passenger told the Mail Online at the time: “She called the pilot a ‘plain bitch’ as ​​police escorted her off the plane. She was slightly drunk and had a row with another passenger on the flight as she was refused alcohol and then went to she served herself her own vodka from her hand luggage. But she wasn’t aggressive towards anyone and it was really funny because the EasyJet crew didn’t do it justice by going overboard with her.”

Police confirmed they were called to the scene for disorderly conduct, but no arrests were made and no official complaint was made.

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Passengers told the Guardian that it was unnecessary to call the police and that they did not notice any problems during the flight, apart from “disturbed” staff members.

Liam Gallagher

In 1998, Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher was made persona non grata for life by Cathay Pacific Airways for his behavior on a flight to Australia.

The singer is said to have thrown objects at his fellow passengers, refused to stop smoking and threatened the pilot with a cupcake.

A spokesman for the airline, Chuck Fay Kwan, said at the time: Cathay Pacific has decided to refuse any further carriage to Liam Gallagher and people known to have caused a nuisance on the flight in question.

Passenger safety is definitely a priority at Cathay Pacific. We go to great lengths to ensure the peace and comfort of passengers and never hesitate to take the necessary action when safety is in question.”

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The BBC reported at the time that the captain threatened to divert the plane and force the band and their entourage to get off.

In response to the ban, Liam said he would rather walk than ever use the company again.

Naomi Campbell

Catwalk Black Panther Naomi Campbell was sentenced to 200 hours of community service in 2008 after admitting kicking and spitting at police officers at Heathrow Airport over lost luggage.

Minutes earlier, the enraged star began insulting the plane’s captain after being told one of her bags, containing a Yves Saint Laurent outfit for a US TV show, had gone missing at Terminal 5, Uxbridge Crown Court heard.

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She pleaded guilty to two counts of assaulting a police officer and one count of disorderly conduct likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress and using threatening, abusive words or behavior towards flight crew.

Campbell later said she offered her deepest apologies to police.

Sid Owen

TV star Sid Owen, famous for his role as Ricky Butcher in the BBC soap EastEnders, had an argument with a passenger over a reclining seat.

Sid was reportedly kicked off a flight to his home in Dubai in 2018. The actor allegedly remarked to the man in front that he was leaning on him with his seat and he hit him. The altercation delayed take-off by an hour, according to The Sun.

The situation escalated after both refused the flight attendant’s offer to give them new seats away from each other.

Both men were then ejected from the Boeing 777.

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On his return to the UK, Syd claimed he was “attacked” during the scandal and denied causing the delay.

A British Airways spokeswoman said at the time: “Our highly skilled crew were on hand to help resolve a disagreement between two customers which delayed the flight.”

Courtney Love

Courtney Love received a warning from the police for her arrogant behavior and verbal abuse she hurled at staff on a Virgin Atlantic flight from Los Angeles in 2003.

Virgin Airways confirmed the plane’s captain called the police and officers were waiting when the flight landed at around 11am.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said at the time: “She was cautioned under the Public Order Act for causing harassment, distress and distress to another person and has now been released from police custody.”

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As she left Heathrow police station, the singer said: “I was swearing at a lady – my daughter always said I had a big mouth – I was swearing at a lady called Mary, she wouldn’t let my friend into first class and I said, ‘Why are you being a bitch? ?”.