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The coach of Levski – Stanimir Stoilov speaks after his team’s loss to Lokomotiv Sofia with 2:3 in a match of the tenth round of the efbet League.

Desi Komarova

“A lot of mistakes in the game, extreme lack of confidence. And secondly – insecure and insecure in defense. Especially after Noah came out, we were out of options. Second game with his absence, our defense is extremely unstable. Lokomotiv only played with long balls, we had to show a little more will and character”, said Murray, who commented on the situation with Loko’s winning goal as follows.

“Let the judges comment, let’s not go to the other side”, urged the coach of the “blues”.

“There was no crack against Arda. There, the opponent did not have a goal position. Today there was an extremely uncharacteristic performance of some of the players. And against us, everyone plays inspired. Without character, we cannot win. Tough terrain, but that’s the way it is. This is Bulgarian football, we will play on such grounds.

Loss can have a motivating effect. We will try to play our best.

I’m not optimistic about Barry, but we don’t have a diagnosis yet. A lot of things have piled up and we will have to deal with them. The injuries are to important people and players. But the players who are here have the potential to play much better in attack.

Welton and Ronaldo we saw that they were tired and we decided to restore them. But we have enough footballers. We were fragile and therefore not aggressive enough”, explained Stanimir Stoilov a week before the meeting with CSKA

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