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The head coach of Levski Stanimir Stoilov gave a press conference before the match of the “blues” with Septemvri Sofia in the efbet Liga. He comments on both the upcoming match and what is happening inside the club.

“When you made a negative result or the performance was not good, you have to be ready to react. That’s what we have to do tomorrow and show a good game. The first thing we have to do is to get back the dynamism, the aggression and the desire to win “, he said.

“I spoke to the players about what I saw in the match with Slavia. If this is horse to you, it is not to me. This is the truth that I have seen. We will see tomorrow at the match, this is the best place to show that you are understood. The place is on the field. Many things can be said in stories, but the important thing is on the field. There is nothing to hide, we are tested every week. That is where the whole truth is seen. Football players must show that they have learned their lessons.” , Murray said.

“I’m worried about the wobble in the defensive game. We’re one of the solid teams, at least in my opinion in the defensive game. It’s important for me to have consistency there. Sometimes we have a little complacency and make mistakes that are punished. If we’re on our own level I don’t have any worries about the defensive game. We should have had more desire. My desire and ambitions were maybe a little bit bigger, but I comply with what Levski wants. I don’t plan to lower my ambitions because that’s what the fans want “

Murray also commented on the absence of Bilal Barry:

“To avoid unnecessary excuses, there are players in Levski who have to compensate for Barry’s absence. He played 35 games in a row, he showed qualities and we liked his game. Barry tried very hard, now the players who play these roles will get old to replace him. People who get a chance to perform have enough class”

“Especially in the match with Slavia I saw a drop in the ambition and desire of the players. I didn’t see another drop. Welton especially has some uneven halves, if the first half was not very good, then in the second against Slavia he created the most dangers. Welton plays on a good level, I have no objections to it. Without motivation, you cannot be a footballer of Levski”

Stanimir Stoilov did not fail to comment on the sensational topic in recent weeks, namely the price of tickets.

“It can be seen in the prices. Septemvri football club deserves respect – they show respect for us and our fans. This is already an attitude that is appropriate for a club like Levski. Everything else is petty. Septemvri opens up the opportunity for all fans to attend a good stadium. After when you don’t have the opportunity to fill your stadium, you make the guests order”

“We had a visit to the club, but people told each other specifically and exactly what the situation is, whatever I say is frivolous,” Murray commented on the news alongside United Group and Sport Republic.

“When they decide United Group, there will be some information and then we will already comment. I don’t want to guess or mislead people. People have told each other very precisely and clearly, I have nothing to add.”

“We will also try tomorrow to respond to September in terms of youth. We will fight tomorrow on the field, who is younger, and let him take the better result. We will fight to win,” he shared .

“Ludogorets have different years with different workloads and different matches. This year they have a lot of matches again and so they lose more matches than they deserve. We can’t really brag about the teams that we beat them 2-3 times a season. When they engaged in Europe can allow more losses. After we have lost to Slavia and Lokomotiv Sofia we cannot wave the flag high, but we have to close our ears. Close them and work hard. For us, every game has to be played as a final. We have to play well and see how far our strength will go. After we have lost two games in the middle of Sofia, if I tell you big stories, I must be too arrogant,” said Stoilov.

“Tomorrow at 20:30 is a good time to show the people what we promised, because I don’t want to speak on behalf of the players. They have to show it on the field. Because I may have dreams and ambitions. There are no sure things in sports . In football there are three signs (1, x, 2) and we can leave with any of them (from the national stadium tomorrow). We have played in quite a variety of schemes and we can counter many teams, so it will all depend on the performance of my footballers”, concluded Stanimir Stoilov.

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