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Levski’s coach Stanimir Stoilov gave an interview to the “Arena Sport” program on BNT. Murray commented on the reason behind Wednesday’s 2-1 loss to Slavia, and also weighed in on the team’s goals and the Blues’ ability to challenge for the title.

“I would be worried if our opponents outplayed us in football. To me, this is the fault of our growth. I mean in the growth of building us as a team that dominates the pitch, keeps the opposition in their own half. Especially for the Wednesday game, our team was not 100% in terms of ambition and motivation. We lost games where the word away is a shame to mention. We lost because the setting was not up to par,” admitted Stoilov.

“There is no way that I am Levski’s coach and we have the support of so many Levski players around the world, and we don’t have high goals. I have no intention of living in Levski. I want the team to fight and improve every day,” the 55-year-old specialist is emphatic.

“Levski skipped the stage of building a quality style and manner of the player and directly to the stage of victories. We skipped an important stage, but Levski’s history shows that success is needed, and that’s why we skipped it,” Levski’s coach said.

“From what I see from the start of the season, there is one group of 10 teams that show close results. There is another group that is giving way. It just shows how big the number of teams in the championship must be. An elite group of 10 teams and a Second League also of 10 teams with higher ambitions and opportunities will probably contribute more to the development of football,” commented the coach of the “blues”.

“I see Levski as a team that should fight for the title. Levski is always a favorite in every competition in Bulgaria in which he participates. We will fight for every single trophy we are given the opportunity for,” Stanimir Stoilov said.

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