Stan, the In&Motion airbag backpack that protects better than a bicycle helmet


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For anyone who rides their bike to work every day, the issue of safety is paramount. This aspect is one of the main obstacles to this practice. Although it is not mandatory for adults, wearing a helmet is strongly recommended. However, the constraint it represents in terms of size and aesthetics is largely against it. Because, no, arriving at work wearing your helmet, with flattened hair, is not to everyone’s taste. The question therefore often comes up: should you dress for the trip or for the destination?

The solution proposed by In&Motion with its Stan backpack seems to respond effectively to this problem. An airbag is placed in a pocket against the rider’s back. It inflates in a tenth of a second and protects the head, back, chest and neck. According to the brand, this system would reduce the risk of head trauma by 80% compared to a conventional helmet. Head injuries are the cause of three out of four deaths in bicycle accidents. To detect a fall or a collision, Stan is equipped with multiple sensors.

In&Motion is not at its first attempt in this area, since the brand has been offering an airbag for motorcyclists for some time now. The latter takes the form of an inflatable vest complementing a back protector. In&Motion has also declined this airbag vest for horse riding and skiing.

In the event of an accident, the airbag therefore protects the cyclist from the impact and an emergency message is automatically sent to the emergency services. This service will be available 24/7. In&Motion does not yet communicate on the terms of access to this functionality. For bikers, a monthly offer at €12 per month is available. It is also possible to subscribe for 2 years for 399 €.

The bag itself is quite plain in appearance. It closes from above by rolling up the closure for a perfect seal. In&Motion doesn’t give many details about its Stan backpack. We just learn that it offers 18 liters of capacity and a pocket suitable for a laptop. The price of such equipment is likely to be particularly high. In&Motion announces that it is recruiting beta testers to start field trials from spring 2023.

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