St. Petersburg wants Vladimir Putin to be charged with treason

St. Petersburg wants Vladimir Putin to be charged with treason

Municipal councilors from the Smolny district of St. Petersburg have asked the State Duma deputies to bring charges of treason against Russian President Vladimir Putin. This was announced by Dmitry Palyuga, who is part of the group of advisers.

“The decision was supported by the majority of those present,” Palyuga said after a council meeting.

He also published the text of the appeal to the State Duma. It says the war is killing “young, able-bodied” Russian citizens, the Russian economy is suffering, NATO is expanding east, and Ukraine is getting new weapons.

“We believe that President Putin’s decision to launch a special military operation is detrimental to the security of Russia and its citizens. In this regard, we ask you, as a member of the State Duma, to propose charges of treason against the Russian president in order to removed from office,” the statement said. Palyuga did not specify how many deputies he plans to send it to, Russian opposition media meduza reported.

At the beginning of March, the same mayors of St. Petersburg sent an appeal to Vladimir Putin “to stop the bloodshed, immediately withdraw the Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine and withdraw.”

Saint Petersburg is the hometown of Vladimir Putin. His path in politics started from there.