Squirrel with a gun – or the game we didn’t know we wanted

“It’s not easy, but it’s fun being a squirrel with a gun.”

Thus begins the presentation of the upcoming game Squirrel with a Gun on the platform for selling games Steam.

The game, in case anyone is looking for a metaphor or a tease in the name (there aren’t any), puts players in the role of a squirrel with… that’s right – a gun in its paws.

The task is to protect the animal from the Agents, as if they came out of the “Matrix”, with the help of a variety of weapons and with the possibility of the agents themselves being disarmed by the furry rodent.

The absurd idea came to a man named Dan DeEntremont, who is developing Squirrel with a Gun using the Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine, but at the moment he does not give information when his work is expected to be completed.

However, the first trailer comes with the request for a different gaming experience to all those who complain that they have already played everything (which cannot be the case) and the industry offers nothing new (which is certainly far from the truth). Even in the office we appreciated the idea of ​​Squirrel with a Gun, which would be a nice change from the destructive power of the goat/goat from another similar game – Goat Simulator.

The armed squirrel will also be tasked with exploring the neighborhood it inhabits. From the trailer it appears that she will even be able to “jump” long distances using the recoil of the weapons she uses. It will also be able to help the residents of the neighborhood or most brazenly rob them, as another video shows.

The game is expected to be relatively affordable in terms of requirements – a 2.6 GHz processor and 8 GB of RAM are currently listed, and only the minimum requirement of a GeForce RTX 2060 video card may deprive those with older machines of the future pleasure of playing firing lead squirrel.

The news of Squirrel with a Gun comes shortly after another game with an animal protagonist enjoyed an extremely warm reception. We are talking, of course, about Stray, which put players in the role of a ginger cat. By no means can one expect the same scale from Dan DeEntremont’s creation, but the spectacle is there nonetheless.

Squirrel after all…with a gun.


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