Sport Republic is the new owner, it was agreed with Nasko Sirakov

The big news for “Levski” is a fact – a final agreement has been reached between the current majority owner Nasko Sirakov and the management of Sport Republic, according to which the powerful company will be the new owner of the football club, “24 Chasa” learned.

The finalization of the deal should happen already in December, and “blue” Bulgaria should receive the most desired Christmas present – financial stability and a long horizon for the development of “Levski” instead of the severe crisis and constant threat of bankruptcy due to multi-million old debts.

In June, “Levski” admitted that an official letter was sent to the club with the desire of United Group to acquire the controlling stake. This will be done through Sport Republic – the company through which the Serbian media magnate Dragan Ĺ olak acquired the ownership of the English “Southampton” in January 2022.

On October 15, the companies United Group and Sport Republic issued their first official statement on the subject of “Levski”, in which they announced that at that time they had not conducted negotiations for the acquisition of the club.

“United Group recently conducted a financial and legal analysis of FC Levski, the results of which were presented and are currently being considered by United Group and Sport Republic management,” the companies also announced.

The main obstacle to resorting to the finalization was the need for the current management of “Levski” to find a solution to two multimillion-dollar problems – about 8.5 million euros of debts bought by a company of the former owner Vasil Bozhkov, related to the construction of the central stand of ” Gerena” plus already accumulated over BGN 20 million debts to the state treasury.

After discussing the financial analysis and possible solutions between Sirakov and the representatives of the company – a candidate for a new owner, it came to the statement of the current one on November 15 to the shareholders of the club: “I am about to finalize talks and launch “Levski” into a new orbit” .

Subsequently, the management company of the club “R. S. Consult” on November 21 submitted a proposal to the Supervisory Board to issue an additional package of shares, through which to service the accrued liabilities to the NRA.

The topic is to be discussed at the upcoming first meeting of the new Supervisory Board. A new general meeting of “Levski” will be convened, at which the issue must be approved by the shareholders.

The most important upcoming event, however, remains the transfer of the majority share of shares from Sirakov to Sport Republic, in order to realize the paraphrase of his promise: “New year, new orbit!”.


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