Spill, a new social network launched by ex-Twitter employees

The Web3 social network? Two former Twitter employees have just launched Spill, a new social network that defines itself as “the future of real-time conversation.“The two founders of the platform have clarified their ambitions with our colleagues from TechCrunch.

Priority to culture

For Alphonzo “Phonz” Terrell and DeVaris Brown, the originators of the project, Spill is “a real-time conversational platform that puts culture first.“Tired of seeing minority communities neglected on traditional social networks, the two founders aim to create a model that ensures fairer compensation for creators.

Spill will therefore, from its launch, integrate a remuneration system based on the virality of the content. Network posts are also called Spill. It will be possible to “create, comment on, amplify or share a random thought“, to organize events with loved ones in video or in real life, or even to “track cultural commentary on events happening around the world“live, according to the home page of the platform.

Use of a blockchain

To ensure fair compensation for content creators, Spill will rely on a blockchain to establish a graph to link the rapid dissemination of a post to a fair financial reward. Terrell, on the other hand, refuses to consider Spill as a Web3 company.

The use of the blockchain serves both to credit the creators and to set up a model so that we can remunerate them automatically. If they have a spill that goes viral and we monetize it, that’s really effective“, assures the man who was still responsible for the social and editorial section of Twitter until last month.

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The user compensation system is not yet finalized, but it should allow income to be generated in a classic currency (US dollars) and not in cryptocurrency, as one might have thought.

Traditionally, the social network will have a live news feed, like Twitter or Facebook, where the posts created will be displayed in chronological order. Professional users will also have the possibility to boost their posts in order to expose them more widely. To moderate the platform’s posts, Spill’s algorithms should be based on artificial intelligence with a finer consideration of the cultural context of reports.

We’re going to be more intentional and specific around things that will be deemed offensive, because, again, that’s our lived or learned experience.“, explains DeVaris Brown.

Opening in six to eight weeks

To carry out the project, Spill can count on a small team of about ten people. The founders now ensure that they are well-honed and able to ensure optimal security on the network. Alphonzo “Phonz” Terrell and DeVaris Brown met on their first day at Twitter. The two technology enthusiasts recently put their ideas together to embark on the great adventure of developing a social network from A to Z. Brown worked at Twitter until 2020, when he founded a start-up. As for Terrell, he was fired last month.

The social network should open its doors in six to eight weeks. Internet users can now pre-register using an online form.

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