Spectators die during screenings

The hit series “Avatar” seems to be accompanied by an ominous breach. She caused the second death of her fans during a screening. After a man recently died during a screening of the first film in the series, now a fan of the new film, Avatar: The Last Airbender, has died of a heart attack believed to have been caused by excitement while watching the film , “Metro” reported.

The sequel to James Cameron’s blockbuster, officially titled Avatar: The Last Airbender, was released in theaters worldwide on Friday.

The film has been highly anticipated by fans of the first installment, released in 2009, and boasts an all-star cast including Kate Winslet, Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington and Sigourney Weaver.

The man, who has been identified as Lakshmireddy Srinu, had gone to watch the film at a cinema hall in Kakinada district in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh along with his younger brother. According to local reports, Srinu suffered a stroke and fainted midway through the three-hour film. He was reportedly taken to the government hospital in Peddapuram, where he was declared brought dead.

Dr. Sanjiv Gera, director of Fortis Hospital in Noida, told The Hindustan Times that there is “continued inflammation of our blood vessels,” especially after having passed COVID.

Explaining what might have caused Srinu’s heart attack, he added:

“Due to stress, an increase in blood pressure, as happened in this case, the arteries of the heart may have ruptured, and this may lead to sudden cardiac arrest,” writes bgvoice.

Dr. Pradeep Kumar from Aster CMI Hospital added to the publication:

“This could be due to plaque rupture in the coronary vessels or triggering of an arrhythmia due to agitation.”

Such deaths occur during exciting matches or emotional situations.

In 2010, a 42-year-old man in Taiwan also died of a heart attack while watching the first Avatar movie. It was reported at the time that the cinema-goer had a history of high blood pressure and that his death was likely caused by “excessive excitement from watching the film”.

Avatar 2 certainly made a splash in its opening weekend, taking in $135 million at the US box office. It comes after director Cameron admitted the special-effects-heavy sequel was “very expensive” to make and said it would need to raise $2bn to break even, something only five have done so far movies, including the first Avatar.


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