Spectators are furious, “Games of the will” …

“You should have contacted “Games of the Will” to show you how it’s done” – this is the direction of the comments on the net after the announcement of the participants in “Survivor”. Viewers even admit that the format sucks and have no intention of watching the new season of the survival show. Moreover, the similar “Games of the will” on the competing TV NOVA offers almost the same conditions and games.

“Games of the will” is a class above this tourism that you are preparing”, reads another comment of a disappointed fan.

The scandals surrounding “Survivor” began with the controversial selection of participants. This season will feature celebrities who make a bad impression right from the start, and it’s clear that they’ll be betting a lot on drama and Big Brother-type relationships.

“These so-called “FAMOUS” (excluding Bukov, Makaveeva…and Chefo) see a few zeros, they don’t care about others, just business, money and PR…and a thirst for fame. Quite a bitter surprise for us served BTV who are desperate for high ratings but it will be the opposite.DO NOT watch it this season better it is clear that it will be SEIR if they mock the audience like this let them AMAN from chalga tarikati.. .and SEND shows. PERIOD!!!” a fan sums up the situation.


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