Spam and unwanted calls will no longer be able to use numbers in 06 or 07

Will 2023 spell the end of hidden nuisance calls? Hope now exists. In a press release, the electronic communications regulatory authority (Arcep) announces that it will prohibit companies from accessing telephone numbers in 06 and 07. These 10-digit numbers, generally associated with an individual’s mobile phone, are regularly used by companies and canvassing platforms in order to deceive the vigilance of users. A trick that will no longer be possible from January 1, 2023.

Arcep has therefore decided to adopt measures providing users with enhanced protection against the large volumes of calls and messages that such systems are capable of sending and which can constitute a nuisance.“, can we read in the press release. In order to stem this telephone pollution, the authority requires companies to have a number starting with a 09 “to give interested players the possibility of implementing innovative communications solutions between a mobile subscriber and a technical platform”. Numbers starting with 06 and 07 will therefore only be granted for interpersonal communications.

If this measure is not likely to put an end to cold calling, it will at least allow everyone to better identify the nature of the number at the origin of the phone call.

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