sound therapy with a smartphone saves from tinnitus

After 20 years of searching for a cure for tinnitus, researchers at Oakland University, California, report “encouraging results” from a clinical trial of a cell phone-based therapy. The study randomly allocated 61 patients to one of two treatments – with the prototype of the new “digital polytherapist” or with a popular self-help application producing the so-called white noise

The polytherapy treatment group (31 people) reported significant improvements at week 12, while the other group (30 people) did not, Science Daily reports.

Experienced ENT specialists around the world say that there is no pill that can cure tinnitus. It is a phantom and the reasons for it are complex. So far, no treatment has been invented.

While most people hear noise or ringing occasionally, in 5% it causes constant stress. What telephone therapy does is essentially rewire the brain in a way that equates the sound of tinnitus to background noise that people ignore.

About 65% of participants who underwent the new therapy reported improvement. For some people, it has changed their lives – when tinnitus does not allow them to concentrate, sleep, work.


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