Sorare and the ANJ agree not to classify the site as gambling

A conclusion after long discussions. The French site of fantasy soccer Sorare, who has meanwhile opened up to baseball and basketball, had been talked about by mixing free play and gambling. On the site, users collect player cards in order to form teams according to the performance of the players on the (real) field. But if it is possible to obtain players for free, Sorare also offered Internet users to buy them, sometimes at very high prices.

This system alerted the ANJ which issued “serious doubts with regard to the legislation on gambling raised by part of the company’s offer”as she explains in a press release. A situation that “justified a rapid evolution of it” with discussions between the two parties.

Positive, but temporary solution

The latter have reached an agreement: Sorare will have to further develop its free offer before the end of the first quarter of 2023 and thus avoid a gambling classification. This solution seems to suit Nicolas Julia, boss of Sorare, who confided in The echoes : “It’s a short-term solution that satisfies us. On the side of the ANJ, there was a request for an evolution of our free offer. This corresponds to our long-term vision. We have 90% free players right now anyway.”

The decision is nevertheless temporary since the ANJ wishes a regulation with specific methods of this type of activities relating to Web3. A need for limitation that falls within the scope of “the emergence of new comparable offers, with a view to effectively protecting the public, but also to supporting innovation”says ANJ in his press release. Pending a lasting solution, the authority will carry out checks on Sorare to ensure the correct implementation of its commitments.

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