Sophie Marinova shocked with a confession about breaking up with Gringo and a new …

In recent months, there was speculation about the relationship of the Romany nightingale with her partner, but the gossip turned out to be true

The popular Bulgarian singer Sofi Marinova has a new man by her side. She herself admitted this to Gala during her guest appearance on the show “On Coffee” on “Nova TV”. It turned out that she and her longtime lover Todor Davidov-Gringo have been separated for half a year.

The pop-folk singer talked about a very happy period in recent months – the concert she did in the big hall in Sofia with Ku-ku Band and Konstantin, as well as her trip to Dubai on the occasion of her birthday on December 5.

“And Gringo, I didn’t see him here, didn’t he give a gift?” asked the host.

“Gala, can’t you see he’s nowhere to be found. We haven’t been together for 6-7 months. He’s in Berlin, he lives like that. He was not there at the 25th anniversary in the “Arena Armeets” hall. That’s what we decided. As they say – there is something for him, and something for me. Everyone in their own way,” replied Marinova.

“But you’re blooming, I don’t know if you miss it?” said Gala, and the singer shared, grinning from ear to ear: “Well, it’s not like it’s not there. Me like Cathy’s song: “I got a boyfriend, boyfriend, boyfriend.”

“Oooh, how nice. You can’t do without love,” continued the presenter. “You feel me. I feel good. I can’t say it’s anything… we’re not 20 and flying now. But I feel good, I feel good, I feel beautiful, I feel happy, I feel smiling. God bless everyone, love is a good thing,” confided Sophie.

“Is the man one of you?” asked Gala, and her guest replied: “You know that when the time comes, I will show him to you like a bolt from the sky. For now, let it be mine. I won’t say anything because you’ll remember.”

Marinova and Gringo were together for many years. The muscular man and the singer several times gave the media reasons to write that they were separated, but in the end they managed to keep their relationship. However, now everything is apparently over after this revelation of Sophie.


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