Sophia Loren – from a poor girl to a world star

Sophia Loren is one of the most iconic and beloved actresses of all time. From a poor girl growing up in a small town in southern Italy, she became Italy’s biggest star and world fame was not long in coming. Among the most liked films in which she participated are “Marriage in Italian”, “Sunflowers”, “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”, “The Gold of Naples” and many others, writes Oshte.bg.

Difficult childhood

Lauren was raised by her mother. Her father refuses to marry her mother after the birth of Sofia and her sister, and is almost entirely absent from his children’s lives. Lauren’s mother takes on the role of both parents. Throughout her life, Lauren felt immense gratitude to her mother for teaching her resilience and tenacity in a difficult world.

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Loren’s childhood was spent in poverty and constant danger to her life during the Second World War. Sophia Loren, then Sophia Scicolone, born on September 20, 1934 in Rome, grew up in the small town of Pozzuoli near Naples, amid the rubble of bombings and the wailing of sirens. Her childhood was defined by a constant struggle for survival, and even after the war ended, food and shelter were often in question. She takes refuge during air raids in the movie theaters of Pozzuoli, which provides her a real escape from the cruelties of everyday life.

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First steps in the film industry

In 1950, she won a beauty pageant and with the prize money moved to Rome to pursue her dream of being an actress. Her career began in a series of low-budget comedies. In a number of auditions, the operators tell her that in order to succeed, she should consider plastic surgery on her nose and mouth. Lauren didn’t follow their advice and still managed to achieve huge success.

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She gained attention with her first leading role in the film Aida (1951), and in 1962 became the first woman to win an Oscar for a role in a foreign language. She played C├ęsira in Two Women (1960), a widowed mother who fights tooth and nail to protect her 13-year-old daughter from the horrors of war, poverty and assault.

Family and children

In 1957, Sophia Loren married famous film producer Carlo Ponti and the couple enjoyed a very happy marriage until his death in 2007. When they met, he was 22 years her senior and a big name in the film industry. industry. Ponti was instrumental in developing her burgeoning career, but her talent was the dominant factor in her success.

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After the birth of her first-born son in 1968, Sophia Loren began to appear less often on the screen. In the 1970s, her performances in the cinema were mostly in Italian productions.

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International recognitions

International recognition for Loren’s distinguished acting career includes the Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement (1991) and the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the Venice Film Festival (1998).

On February 1, 1994, Sophia Loren’s 2,000th star was unveiled on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In 2010, Loren was awarded the Premium Imperial, one of the Japan Arts Association’s most prestigious awards, given for merit and achievement in the field of art and the role that individuals play in enriching people around the world.

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