Soon hydrogen bikes in our cities?

In China, a major manufacturer of electric bicycles is betting on hydrogen. Youon has already installed several self-service hydrogen bicycle stations in several major Chinese cities, including Shanghai and Changzhou. These fleets are made up of machines, Y200s, which have a range of 70 km and which can travel up to 23 km/h.

Youon does not want to stop in such a good way and is preparing to launch, this year, a very first folding model, the Y600, for the attention of the general public. It should be sold for the equivalent of €1,260, for an estimated range of just 45 km, however. It will be delivered with a dedicated charging station, an electrolysis module that will recondition the hydrogen capsule that supplies the bike with energy.

Although still marginal, the phenomenon is also spreading to Europe, in particular with an ambitious and efficient model developed by the French PragmaMobility. With the Alpha Neo, the manufacturer is mainly targeting professionals, companies or local authorities, in order to offer them a soft and innovative transport offer, enduring (up to 150 km of autonomy) and quick to recharge (in just two minutes ). The Dutch manufacturer UrbanArrow has partnered with Pragma Mobility to develop a very first model of hydrogen-powered cargo bike. Very quick to recharge and with a range of 50 km, it could also soon be commercially available.

Like the car, hydrogen is now presenting itself as an increasingly credible alternative to traditional lithium batteries in the bicycle sector. These machines make it possible to cover great distances without producing any CO2 emissions, ultimately only releasing water. In addition, refueling is much faster to achieve than a full recharge with electricity.

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