Sony presents LYTIA, the new name of its photo sensors dedicated to smartphones

Sony comes to announce a new name for its future mobile photo sensors and unveils the LYTIA brand. It will identify its range of sensors for smartphone manufacturers.

Make the offer more identifiable

The Japanese company is one of the main suppliers of photo sensors for smartphones and already equips a multitude of devices around the world. But it seems to face some identification problems when it comes to its sensor offer since it also supplies the market for classic photo cameras (reflex, mirrorless, compact, etc.).

It is from this observation that LYTIA was born. The appellation, which comes from the words Lyra (from the name of a constellation) and light (“light” in English), is supposed to evoke the rendering fidelity of which these next sensors will be capable. With this new name, Sony intends to further highlight its contribution to the photo/video experience on smartphones and thus make the quality of its sensors known to as many people as possible. The brand promises us for this an experience “beyond imagination”.

A simpler choice for consumers

Still with a view to simplification, the Nippon could definitively abandon the name “IMX” used until then, even if this remains to be confirmed. The brand hopes to enable consumers to better understand its offer and identify it more easily. It has not yet communicated its future plans regarding this name, but we can already expect to see the first sensors of this series arrive in the near future.

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