Sony increases the price of the PS5, so you will have to pay more for a console not found

Sony increases the price of the PS5, so you will have to pay more for a console not found

Sony announced on August 25 the price increase of its latest console, the PS5, released two years ago. The Japanese manufacturer has justified its pricing policy by inflation. You will have to pay 50 € more to get it.

It’s a thunderclap in the video game industry. In a post on the Playstation blog, Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony, said to raise the price of the PS5. An increase explained by “high global inflation rates, as well as unfavorable currency trends, which impact consumers and create pressure on many industries.” A “difficult decision” which will require consumers to pay €450 for the digital version and €550 for the version with Blu-Ray player.

Of the “difficult economic conditions” which prompted the Japanese manufacturer to modify its recommended retail price around the world. From the Middle East to Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific to Latin America, everyone will have to shell out a little more to get their hands on this coveted console. Only in the United States will its price remain unchanged, since even the Canadian neighbors will suffer from this decision.

Economic distress, except for Sony

Owning a PS5 will thus become a privilege. While it was already distributed in dribs and drabs since its release two years ago, the PS5 becomes with this decision one of the most expensive consoles on the market. In its digital version, it now equals its competitor, the Xbox Series X, while the version with Blu-Ray player wins the title of the most expensive new generation console in the world. A tariff increase described as “need” due “of the current global economic environment”, which however did not prevent Sony Interactive Entertainment from achieve a profit of 388.4 million euros in April-June 2022.