Sonos formalizes its Sub Mini, a small connected subwoofer

Difficult for Sonos to preserve the element of surprise for the announcement of its new Sub after the multiple leaks of recent months. As expected therefore, the American manufacturer has just formalized the release of the Sub Mini, a model which will therefore be placed below the “very short” Sonos Sub in terms of size, performance and price.

The Sonos Sub Mini will be available in two colors: black or white.

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Launched at €499 all the same (remember that the Sub is offered at €849), the Sub Mini is seen above all as the complement to a Beam or Ray soundbar or to One and Symfonisk speakers, but can be used with all Sonos desktop speakers. This model borrows the main lines of the acoustic design of its big brother, namely two loudspeakers placed face to face, but this time of smaller diameter (6 inches, approximately 15 cm) in closed load, without bass-reflex. This does not prevent the “small” Sonos subwoofer from claiming an extension up to 25 Hz. We contacted Sonos to find out the tolerance for this value, and it should be around +/– 8 dB. We will obviously not hesitate to verify this in the facts.

Sonos Sub Mini

Sonos app lets you manage subwoofer volume and adjust phase if needed

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Two class-D amplifiers are still part of the party, as well as a signal processing part in charge of “maximize bass response” to offer “deep and dynamic bass”. Sonos specifies that its TruePlay calibration system is still compatible with this model to once again optimize sound reproduction.

Sonos Sub Mini

An NFC chip located on the upper side makes pairing even more child-friendly.

© Sonos

Designed for smaller spaces, or simply more discretion, the Sub Mini steps up to a cylindrical 23 x 30.5 x 30.5 cm design with a considerably reduced weight compared to the behemoth that is the Sub (6, 35 kg against 16 kg). Integration will therefore be easier, especially since the subwoofer is always childlikely simple to connect to its Sonos system. As on all the other products of the brand, the connection is ensured in wireless mode via wifi or wired via RJ45.

The marketing of the Sonos Sub Mini is scheduled for October 6, 2022 at an introductory price of €499.

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