Sofia Open from the inside: The silence of the night hall after an emotional day continues to take you through the emotions of the tennis tournament in our capital with the daily column “Sofia Open from the inside”, in which you can see moments from behind the scenes.

In today’s episode, Bobby Orlinov introduces us to the situation in “Arena Armeets”, when the matches are over, the audience has already gone to their homes, and the curtains of the tennis tournament are down.

It is then, in the silent and empty hall, that preparations begin on the court so that it will be in its best condition the following day.

All this happened after the most emotional day with Bulgarian participation, in which fans saw a doubles battle of two of our debutants, saw their favorite Grigor Dimitrov, and also stood almost until midnight waiting for a feat from Alexander Lazarov.

Unfortunately, Grigor’s participation ended faster than the fans wanted, but the emotions of meeting their favorite were huge.

The audience remained after Grigor’s match waiting for a miracle from Alex Lazarov, which was extremely close. The Bulgarian was only two points away from eliminating a player 304 places ahead of him in the rankings.

The long and emotional day ended late, and the night hall began its preparations before immersing us once again in the world of great Sofia Open brand tennis.

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