Smartphones represent 75% of the time spent on the Internet in France

The French surfed on average 2h18 per day on the internet in 2022, mainly via their mobile, smartphones representing 75% of the time spent online, very far in front of the computer, according to a Médiamétrie study published Thursday 16 February.

The daily connection time of the French is down 5% compared to 2021, a year marked by health restrictions, but remains higher than before the Covid crisis (+10% compared to 2019).

Mobile surfing continues to increase: it went from 67% of time spent online in 2021 to 75% in 2022, compared to 15% for the computer and 10% for the tablet.

It is almost exclusive among 15-24 year olds, the biggest Internet consumers with 4 hours a day, 93% of which on mobile.

“It’s a trend that continues” since the “tip” observed in 2017, when smartphone browsing (40% of connection time) overtook the computer (38%), underlined Bertrand Krug, digital director and Médiamétrie press, during a press conference.

Social networks, the main gateway

As a result, the number of applications consulted each day has doubled in five years, going from 4 per Internet user in 2017 to 9 in 2022, applications concentrating 93% of the time spent on mobile, against 7% for traditional sites and search engines. .

Whatever the medium used, social networks are the main gateway for French people on the internet, with 57% of them frequenting them daily, and 83% of 15-24 year olds.

The time spent on social networks and WhatsApp-type messengers, 52 minutes per day on average and per person across the population as a whole (+7 minutes in one year), amounts to 1 hour 42 minutes among 11-14 years (+14 minutes) and peaks at 2h19 among 15-24 year olds (+12 minutes), compared to 17 minutes among those aged 65 and over (+3 minutes).

Across the population as a whole, the top 10 in this area remains largely dominated by Facebook, with 26.6 million unique daily users (-1% compared to 2022), ahead of WhatsApp (19.9 million, +15 %) and Snapchat (19.7 million, +13%).

Note the sharp increase in attendance of TikTok (+36%), which comes in 6th position, with 9.5 million unique daily visitors, ahead of Twitter (5.6 million). Among 15-24 year olds, this social network from the Chinese group Bytedance comes third, behind the leader Snapchat and Instagram.

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