Slavi’s last love, or why we are only waiting for the horse

The Magnificent Seven and the Snorkels

The screenwriters of Slavi are on their way to submit a notification to the speaker of the parliament that a referendum on a presidential republic is starting. Only the music from The Magnificent Seven is missing to reinforce the heroism of the event. Bullets are whistling around them, in the sense of – they are flashing cameras and cameras, while the cowboys enter to liberate the village conquered by the bandits, that is, the mafia. And the viewers hear the lines: “Chris (Toshko), do you have enemies?”. “Mmm, not alive.” Well, he’s already worn them down to the ninth knee.

And Slavi again threatens to fix the state. From the third attempt. After having the full opportunity for this in one parliament, the incomplete – in another and none at all – in the last one, when ITN received only 96,071 votes. Six times less than their result in the summer of 2021, when he won the election. And this is a phenomenon – in a year to sink where you will need the snorkels of the salesman proposed for prime minister.

Veni, vidi, but no vici

Now the eternal bachelor (“old” implies growing old) has once again become overexcited politically and macholy encroaching on the presidential republic. This lady was much sexier than the other one – the parliamentary one he was already in. He went in enthusiastic and came out disappointed, tired, disgusted. Because he saw what parliamentary parties do to them. In addition – his people were also in the ministerial palaces, ah, palaces. And they also remained disgusted. Then they pulled the counter and got it back with a disgusting song by Kaka Lena. For which they were severely rebuked, and the truth is that through it they actually repented. Slavi himself can be seen behind the image of Lena.

Lied, tricked, tricked

Even crazy. Because they went to power with ambitions charged, like predatory hyenas, and then they lost their dream and dreams. Slavi was there, saw and told us. Veni, vidi, but no vici. Instead of winning, he was disgusted. Thus, he came to the conclusion that the parliamentary republic is exhausted, the power in it is corrupt, and its spokeswoman is seduced.

Under the skirts of the presidential republic

And so the show is over. At least that’s what the “sovereign” thought, also disgusted in turn. Yes, but no, as Petko Bocharov used to say. The marriage with the politician, which the bachelor Slavi married for a short time after long and painful fluctuations in 2019, turned out to be broken, but not definitively. It became clear that the showman did not decide to grow old with his show, as Kevorkian advised him, but – in the skirts of the presidential republic. Maybe under skirts. Because everything about this unprecedented lady is supposed to be attractive.

There followed a lightning dump and public disclosure of Slavi’s new love. Where for political, not biological reasons, it appears as the last. And if it doesn’t happen this time, he will remain a bachelor for good, and the people will be permanently at home with the parliamentary republic. Therefore, the news was presented with appropriate drama: He appeared live before the mortals after three years of exile, in a black jacket and T-shirt, gloomy, surrounded by fellow scriptwriters-politicians. All that remained was to hold Yorick’s skull and finally have someone carry out the corpses. And after the one-hour talk, the end of the performance was marked by the fall of a black curtain. This is how it’s done. Finita la comedy!

Behind the curtain

Yes but no. We will wait for the finality. Because according to the survey of the world-renowned agency ITN, in the upcoming elections 8.5%, 49% want the president to propose the government, 53% of the respondents support the idea of ​​a referendum to transform the country from a parliamentary to a presidential republic, and 50% of the respondents support the change of government in a presidential republic. On the other hand, 87% do not trust the National Assembly. That is. With the small detail that the study was ordered and paid for by Slavi. The curtain falls.

Between the prince and the maid

There is such a technology: raise the people to revolutionary referendums, of which no memory remains. But in the homeland of the genius proverb “Every miracle in three days” this miracle is also possible – a small formation that has fallen out of the parliament will return on a white horse with the large-scale idea of ​​changing the state structure. He can also sneak in on foot, and how he will then win two-thirds of the seats in a future Grand National Assembly to implement his idea is a matter of detail. The sovereign, as Slavi calls him, is not in the habit of paying attention to details. One of our national peculiarities is to wait for the prince on a white horse, although we almost always wait only for the horse. From which we most often get kötek. Historical destiny or fate… The consolation is that there is always a sequel.

So why were you ranting then?

The presidential republic, established in the Balkans, is something simple: for example, Slavi – president, Toshko – prime minister. This, of course, is the funny side. It is sad that the presidential republics in the eastern latitudes give birth to Erdogan, Putin, Turkmenbashi, Lukashenko. Or vice versa – they give birth to presidential republics, as happened in Turkey. And then they rule for a quarter of a century or more, becoming fathers of nations. A greater danger than a presidential republic in the Balkans is only the one who provokes it.

In fact, who has ruled in our country for the past two years? And the management during the last 12 years, a priority of Tosh’s plan, wasn’t it a type of presidential (prime ministerial) republic? While the parliament was left to meekly work on the sidelines, not bothering anyone?

These are the kinds of questions the long-suffering “sovereign” must ask himself before proceeding to another revolutionary referendum.

Because the reason is not in the form of government, but in the form of the rulers.

And waiting for another prince on the horse, hugging the presidential republic, we will undoubtedly wait only for the horse.

And as a bonus – a kitten.


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