Slavi poured water on Halvadzhiyan because of “Ms…

The old feud with Dalgia is clearly still smoldering

Slavi Trifonov wanted “The Lords” to move to his personal television “7/8 TV”. This was revealed by the Halvadzhiyan brothers during their visit to Yonislav Yotov – Toto, broadcast by blitz.bg

“Slavi started calling both of us on the phones. Slavi changed the numbers. We haven’t heard from each other for 12 years. Some number is calling, I don’t pick up. It rings three times, and when an unknown number calls me, my assistant picks up, she she didn’t recognize him. The fourth time I pick up the phone, he shouts: “I can’t hear you over secretaries and assistants.

We haven’t heard from each other for 12 years. He said that he also called my brother, that 12 years had passed, that we had broken up and that it was high time to bury the tomahawks and see each other,” Maggie Halvajian began.

When asked if the drama between them was over, Judy clarified: “Well, when he entered politics, he decided to fix this drama. The timing is important.”

“That’s where everything started when he called me. I told him: “You’re judging us, aren’t you, and he continued: “I reconsidered things, it was shortly after his television was launched. But only an idea remained (The transfer of “The Hosts” to Slavi’s television – note ed.), they didn’t have any business proposal. They just wanted the “Masters” to be with them, but we didn’t get anywhere,” the brothers said.

It was then that the podcast was made, in which Slavi answers Maggie Halvajian’s questions.

“Ten minutes before that we saw each other and I told him: We will not talk about our affairs, we will talk about them over coffee. Here I will only ask you questions, but please smile a little”.

“I don’t know why he wants to look like that. He makes jokes, but even they are serious. I don’t know why he thinks it’s cool to be grumpy,” the brothers also commented.


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