Skeletons of 3-meter giants were discovered in Georgia

These ancient people lived and developed separately from the rest of civilization

Archaeologists made a sensational find in the Borjomi gorge. They found huge human bones there, the age of which is estimated to be about 24-25 thousand years. Specialists claim that these human giants may have reached a height of up to 3 meters.

The scientist Absalom Vekua from the Georgian Academy of Sciences suggests that this find is pure sensationalism, because the hypothesis of giants has long been discussed in scientific circles. Many experts believe that a few tens of thousands of years ago in some regions of Eurasia lived people of gigantic stature, but until now there was no evidence to support this theory.

Vequa draws attention to the femur of the found human remains – it is significantly thicker and larger than the bone of a modern human. The skull is also much larger. The academic explains that these ancient people lived and developed separately from the rest of civilization, and this is the reason why their height was different.

Also, the scientist notes that these people are mentioned in the scientific literature as giants, but until the discovery of the find, there were no documentary confirmations of their existence. Now we are on the threshold of a sensation, Absalom Vequa is categorical.

Also of great interest to scientists is the ancient organization of these unusual people. Half-ruined tombs and stone paths have been found on the site of their former settlement. Scattered throughout the area are bones brought to the surface by the mountain streams.

A year earlier, German scientists discovered another type of hitherto unknown ancient man who inhabited the territory of modern Southern Siberia about 48-29 thousand years ago. Thus, science is getting closer and closer to unraveling the mystery of man’s origin.


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