Sirakov: If Bozhkov was in Levski, he would have already cleared the debts to the National Revenue Agency – Levski

The majority owner of Levski Nasko Sirakov commented on the situation surrounding the club and its development. He also spoke about the joy of Bulgarian football in general and about the problematic refereeing, with which many clubs, including the “blues”, have been dissatisfied in recent times.

“We all know that certain teams are refereed in Bulgarian football. Ludogorets is one of them. Absolutely!” Sirakov declared in front of the “Informally with Georgi Petkov” podcast.

He also spoke on the topic with the referees: “We were robbed of too many points by the refereeing. Kashay is not the main culprit. The huge fault lies with the judges themselves, who are dependent and a part of them – corrupt. Bobby said he would make changes, but we don’t see any. And he bears the blame for pretending not to see what those below him are doing.”

Sirakov also recalled his relationship with Hristo Stoichkov: “Hristo Stoichkov remains for me to this day that young football player who could take your eyes out with his potential. He has always been and always will be my friend. The club affiliation was totally in the background when it came to the national team.”

“I never wanted to be the president of the Bulgarian Football Union. Such a thought never crossed my mind, even more so given my commitments with Levski,” Sirakov rejected this possibility.

He also explained more about Levski’s declaration against BFS: “In our declaration, we indicated absolutely everything on which we want attention to be emphasized. We are not personally attacking Bobby Mihailov, but the system and the way it works in our football. For certain teams, the Batash Massacre happens every week. Just seeing the outfits for the round and I can tell you what will happen. It can’t go on like this!”.

Goal scorer No. 1 in the history of Levski also commented on the club’s debts: “Only during Bozhkov’s time were debts repaid. He would have already cleared his debts to the National Revenue Agency. Before him, these costs only piled up. Levski fans have no analogue in Bulgarian history. They are the fire in the heart of the club. I won `t stop! Never! Because of Levski!”.

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