Siemens pulls out all the stops with the iQ700 HN978GQB1 built-in oven

Siemens studioLine iQ700 HN978GQB1

Introductory price 3500 €

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The studioLine iQ700 HN978GQB1 is a standard size built-in oven, which measures 60cm wide by 60cm high. But behind its apparent banality hides a monster of technology. Indeed, no less than three different cooking methods can be used. We therefore find the pulsed heat which uses resistances of sole, vault but also to an annular resistance at the bottom of the muffle, which encircles a fan responsible for distributing the heat in a homogeneous way in the cavity of 67 liters. Like a growing number of its competitors, the studioLine iQ700 HN978GQB1 also includes a steam generator to not only prepare certain foods in a healthier way (fish, vegetables, etc.) but also to preserve the tenderness of meats or facilitate the rise of the dough and the formation of a crust when baking bread. Finally, the new Siemens flagship uses microwaves to speed up cooking or to reheat certain preparations.

To take full advantage of all these possibilities without getting lost in an interface that is too limited, the manufacturer has chosen a good-sized color touch screen which should logically simplify cooking programming. And it will take that to navigate among the 27 cooking modes offered (natural convection, forced heat, but also dehydration, low temperature cooking or forced air grill, among others) or the many dishes available via the cooking assistant .

Siemens studioLine iQ700 HN978GQB1

The screen makes it possible to completely dispense with a wheel.

© Siemens

Premium device requires, you can pair the studioLine iQ700 HN978GQB1 to a smartphone to, as very often, set up remote cooking. It is also possible to access a panel of recipes (and probably to download new ones), the cooking instructions can be sent to the oven automatically. The application also includes numerous tips for use and maintenance, a digital user manual, access to simplified after-sales service and monitoring of the various parts of the device and of electricity consumption.

In a less virtual way, inside the cavity, and always to simplify the life of the user, Siemens has provided a temperature sensor which monitors the cooking of the food to the heart. There is also a pair of telescopic rails which facilitate the handling of heavy and bulky dishes. On the other hand, it is well behind the control panel that the water reserve is located. As was the case on the Siemens iQ700 HN678G4S1F, the upper front, above the drop-down door, pivots upwards, which makes it possible to extract the tank to fill it; effect guaranteed!

Siemens studioLine iQ700 HN978GQB1

The Siemens studioLine iQ700 HN978GQB1 built-in oven.

© Siemens

The Siemens studioLine iQ700 HN978GQB1 built-in oven therefore multiplies the functions to attract potential buyers, and its price reflects this. Indeed, future owners will have to part with the tidy sum of €3,499 to afford it.

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