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Undoubtedly, the transfer of Casemiro from Real Madrid to Manchester United for over 70 million euros is one of the events of the summer market.

The word about life in Manchester was taken by the wife of the former teammate of the Brazilian at Santiago Bernabeu Angel di Maria – Jorgelina Cardoso. The Argentinian, currently a Juventus player, is known to have played at Old Trafford in the 2014/15 season but left after just one year to sign for PSG, where he became a legend.

“Terrible… Manchester is the worst city. The whole of Manchester is terrible,” said Jorgelina Cardoso on the “LAM” program broadcast by the Argentine channel “El Trece” and told how his move to “Old Trafford” came about.

“We lived in Madrid and Angel played for the best team in the world, which is Real Madrid. It was unique – perfect weather, great food… and suddenly the offer from Manchester came. “No way. You will live there alone,” I told Angel. And he answered me: “If they pay you double… won’t you go with me?”. “Manchester United’s offer is very good. They came to us and said they would pay Angel double,” added Jorgelina, explaining how Manchester United’s offer was eventually accepted – because of the money.

“Before this transfer took place, I visited my friend Gianina Maradona, who lives in Manchester. She told Angel, “You can be bought from any country, but not from England.” A year later we went to England. Shit,” she was honest.

“I didn’t like anything. People are white, neat, strange… They walk, and you don’t know if they’re going to kill you or what. The food is disgusting, the porcelain women…” adds the Argentinian.
Jorgelina Cardoso explained that during those difficult months in England, her relationship with Di Maria became even stronger. “When bad things happen to us, we come together.” I didn’t tell him “It’s your fault we’re in Manchester”. I told him “love I want to kill myself…it’s two in the afternoon and it feels like night”. And he answered me “it’s terrible, but don’t worry, we’ll make it,” writes the Telegraph.

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