Shocking revelations: Mendy had a special rape room in the Mansion of Horrors

The clouds over Benjamin Mendy’s head have seriously thickened after revelations by the prosecutor’s office in his sexual assault case. The Manchester City defender is facing eight counts of rape and one count of sexual assault, which allegedly took place between 2018 and 2021.

At the start of the case, the prosecution accused Mendy of “turning the pursuit of victims for sex into a game” and that the footballer crossed the line of consent “time and again”.

“This case is another chapter in a very old story: men who rape and sexually assault women because they think they are strong and because they think they can get away with it,” prosecutor Timothy Cray told the court.

According to the evidence, Mendy raped three women on the same night in his mansion. The Times calls the defender’s property the Mansion of Horrors.

Prosecutors described Benjamin Mendy as a “predator” who “stalked women for sexual purposes” and “showed indifference and callousness” to his victims.

“The actions that the defendants committed together (Mendy is charged with his friend Louis Saha Mathurier, b.r.a.) show a callous indifference to the women they pursued. In their minds – and this could not be clearer – all the women who visited the mansion were taken there for the sole purpose of sexual contact,” the prosecution claimed.

Startling details are also revealed – the player’s mansion had a special room for rape, which was soundproofed and heavily locked.

“Two of the witnesses claim that they were raped in a special “panic room” and felt that they were locked in,” added the prosecution.

According to prosecutor Cray, the footballer and his friend took the girls’ mobile phones because “Mendy didn’t want City manager Pep Guardiola to see him on Instagram with a couple of girls”.

The player has pleaded not guilty and denies raping the ladies, despite the evidence pointing to the contrary. As it stands, he has been suspended from the team pending the trial, and if convicted, he faces up to life in prison.

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