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Those called up by Krastaich are drastically younger than the team under Yasen Petrov, Dermendzhiev and Balakov

The new coach of the national team, Mladen Krastaic, barked at the dogs even with the call-ups for his first matches against Gibraltar and North Macedonia. He decided to literally start from scratch, although he could not find any logical and exculpatory explanation for the absence of Ivaylo Chochev.

Among the 23 called up, only Radi Kirilov recently turned 30, and the other oldest is Anton Nedyalkov at 29. This selection is not only, if not promising, at least young, but also has no experience in terms of the national team, writes “Match Telegraph”.

Nine players – Ivan Dyulgerov, Hristiyan Petrov, Mateo Stamatov, Iliya Gruev, Ivan Yordanov, Yoni Stoyanov, Nikola Iliev, Martin Petkov and Georgi Rusev – have not recorded a single minute for the “lions”.

Another solid group of 9 players have recorded between 1 and 10 matches, including: Daniel Naumov, Svetlio Vutsov, Viktor Popov, Plamen Galabov, Yanis Karabelov, Iliyan Stefanov, Filip Krastev, Martin Minchev and Radi Kirilov.

The more experienced, given the set standard, group with between 11 and 20 matches includes the trio of Petko Hristov, Ivan Turitsov and Valentin Antov. Against their background, Kiril Despodov and Anton Nedyalkov look like real veterans, with 31 and 24 matches, respectively.

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