Shock: the current on Monday with an absolute record

Shock: the current on Monday with an absolute record

BGN 1,363.70 per megawatt hour is the price of electricity traded on the “Day Ahead” platform of the Bulgarian Independent Energy Exchange for Monday. This is an absolute record since the opening of the stock exchange. Peak energy (from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.) is priced at BGN 1,449.98 per megawatt hour.

The nightmare started last week – in two days the prices exceeded BGN 1,000 per megawatt hour. On Wednesday, a megawatt hour of basic energy cost BGN 1,205.54, and on Thursday – BGN 1,116.56.

However, the business will be compensated for the difference from BGN 250 up to the market BGN 1363.70 at the moment. This difference is paid by the state with the money from the excess profits of the energy companies.

Experts comment that this shock will hardly be the only one, since on the German stock market Bulgarian products – futures for October, November and December – were traded at prices of over 800 euros per megawatt hour.

Monday is also black for Europe. The price in France is 734 euros, in Austria 764.17 euros, in Croatia – 742.76 euros, in Hungary – 731.05 euros. In Germany, a megawatt hour costs 658 euros, and the price is lower than that in Bulgaria and Greece – 697 euros.

The neighbors are also high priced. In Romania, a megawatt hour is 739 euros, and in Serbia – 699 euros.

In other countries, the prices are between 620 and 699 euros.

Exceptions are Spain and Portugal with prices of 188 euros, Sweden – 174 euros, Finland and Estonia – 308 euros, as well as Poland, which produces electricity mainly from coal plants and traditionally has a low price – now it is 219 euros. (24 hours)