“She was selling in front of the block”: A world champion is in the Sliven prison for drugs

The world weightlifting champion from Houston 2015 Boyanka Kostova is in Sliven prison. Our former national player, who has been competing for Azerbaijan since 2012, was convicted of drug distribution.

As is known, Boyanka became the European champion in Moscow 2021, but a few months later her title was taken away due to a positive doping test and she was punished for 8 years, because this is the second such offense for her.

After that, problems began for Boyanka, which eventually landed her behind bars. She falls into a bad environment, and despite the attempts of her coach in Asenovgrad, Lachezar Kishkilov, to protect her, Kostova gets involved in drug distribution, reports “Mach Telegraf”.

“After she was stripped of her title, she became depressed. She had no other profession and nothing to do. She got involved with the wrong people and got into a bad environment. I warned her many times to give it up, but it was too late. I told her, that there is another way to make money. It didn’t work out. She was caught selling drugs in front of the block. I wanted to go sweep off the ground all those who were supposed to be her friends, but they got her involved in it,” said Kishkilov.

He also shared about the difficult moments that Boyanka experienced behind bars.

“She was in pre-trial detention in Plovdiv for eight months. Three women were in one cell. It was very difficult for her. One was a murderer, the other a fraud… I don’t know how she survived, she was depressed, but she managed. Now for two months she has been in Sliven prison. Psychologists are working with her. The prosecutor’s office wanted 3 years in prison, but I did the impossible to prevent that from happening. I guaranteed that I would take her to my club to work as a coach, that she would enroll to study at the National Academy of Sciences, that she will socialize at all and go on the right path. So her sentence is less and she will be released from prison next month,” revealed Kishkilov, who is a former assistant to Plamen Asparuhov in the national team and who has created a whole constellation of great barbell champions.

Kostova’s entire career went scandalously after she chose Azeri money a decade ago. She won the world and three European titles with the coat of arms of this country, but was twice punished for doping.

As after the last sanction a year ago, which takes her out of weightlifting until 2029, her sports career is actually over. She’s 29 years old, and with everything she’s been through lately, she’s unlikely to decide to come back when her ban ends.


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