Shameful result: How many kilometers will a second-hand Nissan Leaf go on a single charge VIDEO

The authors of the Auto Trader YouTube channel conducted an experiment with a second-hand Nissan Leaf – it turned out that when driving at maximum speed, the electric car discharges after only a few tens of kilometers. Leaf from 2012 with a mileage of 115 thousand kilometers participated in the tests.

Because the electric car is quite old, it travels with one charge of the battery about 106 kilometers, and if accelerated aggressively – three times less, about 35 kilometers.

At the same time, the temperature outside during the tests was below zero (about -3 degrees Celsius).

The tests were done on a track. There, the old Leaf was able to accelerate to 159 kilometers per hour – at this speed, it traveled 4.9 kilometers, after which the on-board computer warned that the range had decreased to 39 kilometers. After that, the electric car began to slow down – first to 156 kilometers, and then to 153 and 151. Having traveled the track for 27 kilometers, the electric car could no longer develop a speed greater than 150 kilometers per hour.

When the Leaf had already covered 20 miles, the on-board computer warned of power limitation and the speed began to rapidly decrease. As a result, during the test, the electric car traveled at a maximum speed of 34.7 kilometers before its battery was discharged.

Nissan Leaf has been on the market for 12 years. Its current generation has been on sale since 2017. It may be the last. According to inside information, the car will not have a direct successor. The thing is that, in general, the main market for it is Europe, and the demand for this electric car there is constantly decreasing. For example, in the first quarter of 2022, 8,800 cars were sold, which is 16.3% less than last year.

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