Shakira has spoken out for the first time since splitting with Pique

Shakira has spoken out for the first time since splitting with Pique

Colombian pop star Shakira has spoken for the first time about her breakup with Barcelona footballer Gerard Pique. The two announced that they were separating at the beginning of the summer after 12 years together.

Shakira gave an interview to ELLE magazine in which she described 2022 as “one of the most difficult, one of the darkest of my life” due to the end of her romance with Pique, problems with the tax authorities in Spain and her father’s health problems.

“It’s been hard, really hard. And not just for me, but for my kids as well. It’s incredibly hard,” she shared. “I try to hide the situation from them as much as I can. It’s really upsetting for two kids who trying to survive their parents’ separation. And sometimes I just think it’s all a bad dream that I’ll wake up from at some point. But no, it’s real. And what’s also real is the disappointment of seeing the end of something as sacred and as special as I thought the relationship I had with the father of my children was.”

The 45-year-old singer admits that the breakup of her family is one of the most painful things she has gone through, and claims that many of the sensationalisms reported in the media about the separation are not true.

Regarding the rumors of a custody battle, she said: “Regardless of how things ended between us and how Gerard and I feel about each other as ex-partners, he is the father of my children. We have obligations to these two amazing boys and I believe they will figure out what will be best for their future and their dreams in life. I believe we will come to a fair solution for everyone.”

The star was also asked if the end of her relationship with Pique was like a bolt out of the blue, but said those details were too personal to share.

Shakira claims that she “put it all in” and sacrificed her career for love and for the sake of raising and educating her children.

“I let my career go and I settled in Spain to support him and to be able to play football and win titles. And it was a sacrifice in the name of love. Thanks to her, my children were able to have a mother by their side and we built this amazing and unbreakable bond. That’s all I can say,” she said.

Shakira is also preparing for her trial on tax fraud charges, which she vehemently denies. At this difficult moment, her father, who came to Barcelona to support her during the separation, underwent brain surgery after a fall. A week later, he fell again and broke a facial bone.