Sexiness that set the red carpet on fire: Salma Hayek appeared in a mesh dress under the spotlight

In all of Hollywood, there is hardly any actress other than Salma Hayek, whose hot sex appeal is capable of causing a real fire on the red carpet. The Mexican woman has become one of the biggest attractions of cinema ever since she appeared in the film “From Dusk Till Dawn”, in which she danced on stage in a seedy Mexican bar with a python slung around her neck, wearing a high-cut swimsuit, exposing show the curves of her body.

Then her impressive performance managed to seduce viewers all over the world, leaving a lasting mark in the minds of even those of them who watched it only once. And although more than two decades have passed since that moment, the brunette to this day continues to not only unfailingly attract eyes to herself, but also invariably to keep them.

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The latest proof of this is the sensation she caused just recently, arriving at the premiere of her latest film “Magic Mike’s Last Dance”. For the event, she bet on a seductive look that red-hot passions in the already sultry Miami, where the first screening of the tape actually took place.

The outfit with which the wife of the French businessman François-Henri Pinault stepped under the bright lights of the spotlight perfectly suited the provocative concept of the production with her participation, in which Steven Soderbergh tells the final chapter in the story of the stripper Mike Lane. However, the outfit made even her on-screen partner Channing Tatum visibly embarrassed when he had to give his opinion of her to the press after taking pictures with his co-star in front of the so-called wall of fame.

Steven Soderbergh, Salma Hayek and Channing Tatum

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“I don’t have a comment about the dress…I don’t,” was all he managed to say, trying to hide the embarrassment he was feeling, threatening to erupt on his face at any moment in the form of a blush. However, he said that the chemistry between their characters on the big screen was not at all difficult to recreate, given how stunningly charming the woman he got to work with was.

For the special night, Salma chose to wear a black mesh dress covered in colorful floral motifs that left little to the imagination, putting her figure on display. She wore black lingerie underneath and completed her look with gold high platform sandals and a green handbag. For added glamour, the Emmy Award-winner chose to wear two chunky necklaces with stones, some curves and a pair of hoop earrings.

Last year, Hayek’s luscious bust was one of the topics of conversation during her guest appearance on the show “Red Table Talk”, where she explained that, contrary to some assumptions, she did not put on silicone. At the time, the Oscar-nominated actress shared that her breast size grew naturally when she got pregnant and gained weight, and then through menopause, the first symptoms of which she experienced in her mid-40s.

Photo: AR/BTA

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