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Serious reforms are coming in Spartak Varna after the New Year, he learned They will be at all levels in the club. As is known in the camp of the Falcons, they expect Dimitar Dimitrov – Hero to become part of the Varna team after the end of the 2022 matches. This will become a fact only if a budget is secured, with which spartaklia can fight for their survival in the efbet League.

The club is keeping secret exactly what the agreements with Hero are, but there are two options. The specialist should replace Todor Kiselichkov, who he himself recommended to the management to head the team after the bad start of the season. People close to the club say that there is a second option. This is Dimitrov taking a leadership role in Spartak, most likely sports director and moving things “from above”. He will be responsible for selection, the methodology and the pursuit of the goal – staying in the elite of native football. A large part of the current players will be released, and new players will be taken in their place, most of them legionnaires.

After the New Year, there will also be changes at the high levels. The main financial benefactor, Pavlin Nikolov, is expected to be officially listed as the head of the club’s management. A check in the Commercial Register shows that currently representing Spartak Varna is only Asen Milanov, and Pavlin Nikolov does not appear in any form.

This means that from June 2021 until today, Nikolov gives personal money to goodwill, with which Spartak was able to return to the elite, to modernize its base and make it look finished, and to install electric lighting in the club stadium, for to obtain a license from the BFS to hold championship matches.

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