Sergey Lavrov authorities in Chisinau: Moldova can follow Ukraine

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov again indirectly threatened the authorities in Chisinau that Moldova might follow Ukraine. This was reported by “Romania Journal”, citing the Moldovan television TVR.

Lavrov gave an extensive interview to Rossiya 24 TV and RIA, and to one of the questions “Which countries around Russia can follow the path of Ukraine?”, he answered that the President of Moldova – Maya Sandhuhas the same behavior as that of the Ukrainian presidency Volodymyr Zelensky before the start of the war.

“Moldova is now being considered for this role. First of all, because they succeeded to put in charge of the country president through quite specific methods – far from being freely and democratically elected. This president wants the country to join NATO, he has Romanian citizenship, he is ready to unite with Romania and, in general, he is ready for almost anything,” says Sergey Lavrov.

Maya Sandhu is pro-European. She has held the position since the end of 2020, having repeatedly spoken out in favor of the victory of Ukraine in the war with Russia and declared that otherwise “all neighboring countries will be in danger”. She also said last month that “Russia must be stopped” as well as “helping Ukraine win this war.”


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