Segway P65E and P100SE: two premium connected electric scooters

The range of electric scooters from the Ninebot-Segway group is still expanding. After a D series which relied on its accessibility and of which we tested the D18 model, it is the turn of the P series to make its appearance. A “p” which stands here for “premium”, because the P65E and P100SE are machines of a completely different caliber and which are attractive on paper.

Model Segway P65E

The more affordable of the two, the P65E, already plays in a category that could be described as “road”. Relatively imposing, it still displays 28 kg on the scale and will not be an ally of choice for lovers of multimodal journeys. No, the Segway P65E promises to be comfortable outdoors, on its two wheels with wide 10.5-inch diameter tires. SegPower Cross Season tires with a profile capable of delivering good performance and filled with anti-puncture liquid. The air volume of the rubbers will be welcome to reduce the force of shocks and vibrations in the absence of suspensions.

The Segway P65E is powered by a 500W motor, capable of reaching 980W peak, housed in the rear wheel. What, theoretically, deliver a very satisfactory power for urban use and the many times and accelerations that characterize it. The electric scooter can count on a 561 Wh battery, with which Segway promises to travel 65 km. Braking is provided, at the front, by a disc brake – the brand does not specify whether it is a mechanical or hydraulic device – and, at the rear, by the magnetic motor brake.

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The cockpit also gives pride of place to comfort and connectivity. The handlebar offers a width of more than 60 cm, for increased stability. The ergonomic handles promise a good grip and long journeys without pain. In the center, a large screen sits on the stem, displaying essential information. From there, it is possible to choose between the different driving modes, including a “walk” mode which limits the speed of the scooter for densely populated areas with pedestrians.

The P65E has a locking system that works using an NFC card, without which starting can be made impossible. Unlocking the machine can also take place with a smartphone connected via Bluetooth or even with a password saved directly on the scooter. More practical if you want to lend your mount.

Segway highlights a 10 W headlight, more powerful than the small LEDs usually crossed on electric scooters. The P65E also offers front and rear turn signals for maximum visibility when changing direction. You still have to use it, of course. To complete this light component, the Segway scooter sports a fairly large brake light at the rear.

Model Segway P100SE

The P100SE is still a cut above. This time it is aimed at big riders looking for a very comfortable machine capable of tackling difficulties without batting an eyelid. Segway opts for a pair of suspensions, front and rear, in addition to the same set of tires in 10.5 inches. The weight of the whole takes off clearly to come close to 33 kg.

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It must be said that the Segway P100SE has a very large battery: 1086 Wh. A capacity with which the electric scooter could travel 100 km. A full recharge requires seven hours, which is quite fast considering the capacity of the battery. The engine, too, is doped, to reach 650 W of nominal power for 1350 W in peak. What really approach the coast without difficulty, even for a driver a little heavy. This additional power does not call into question the 25 km/h restriction imposed by law. However, Segway brings a second disc brake on the rear wheel to complete the one at the front.

All the connected part is similar to that of the P65E. However, the Segway P100SE adds a detail: a small projector that displays a luminous logo on the ground. Futile? Yes. This option can of course be disabled in the settings via the Segway app.

As you can imagine, such equipment has a price. The P65E is offered at €1199, while the price of the P100SE climbs to €1799. The two electric scooters are available for pre-order on the site of segways and should be marketed more widely during the second half of October 2022. Please note that we should soon receive the Segway P65E for a proper test.

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