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Seedtag, adtech for contextual advertising, and IMPACT+ are committed to measuring and reducing the carbon impact of online advertisements. Seedtag thus wants to allow its customers to measure and reduce the carbon impact of their campaigns without altering their performance.

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Adtech Seedtag uses Impact+ to measure and reduce the carbon footprint of its advertising campaigns. Impact+, which already supports brands and agencies in their ecological commitment, provides granular measurement tools so that each actor understands the carbon footprint of their campaigns and the levers to reduce it more easily. Thanks to these measures, Impact+ helps advertisers to make their advertising less polluting while guaranteeing their media performance.

The new offer aimed at adtechs and advertisers allows it to broaden the scope of possible reduction actions, by allowing the optimization of the technologies implemented in broadcasting. It provides a simple and online solution, by offering environmental KPIs combined with media KPIs, which allow Seedtag to analyze its performance and take the necessary measures to reduce the carbon impact of ads. Concretely, the Impact+ solution analyzes poorly performing parameters from an environmental point of view and makes optimization recommendations. In fact, an advertisement does not pollute as much depending on the time of year when it is broadcast, the format used or even the type of screen that displays it. Seedtag integrates the tool for measuring the carbon impact of online advertising campaigns into its CSR strategy.

The company has developed the first dedicated artificial intelligence to design more engaging, more efficient digital advertising, which is no longer based on personal data – but only on the context of the page viewed. It is committed to protecting the privacy of consumers while guaranteeing advertisers effective campaigns. Seedtag, which has always been at the forefront of responsible digital advertising, is taking its environmental commitment a step further with this use of Impact+ know-how. Indeed, in the space of one year, it wants to reduce the carbon emissions of its advertising campaigns by 30%. Moreover, this ambition is part of a more global CSR project.

The start-up is in the process of defining its CSR objectives for the next five years. Among them, the improvement of its energy consumption occupies a preponderant place. Seedtag wants to enable the companies it supports to act positively for the environment in a simple way and without losing profitability. Two weeks away from COP 26, Seedtag and Impact+ share the desire to make the digital advertising industry more sustainable and responsible. In 2025, 8% of greenhouse gas emissions will be generated by digital technology, which will then pollute as much as cars. In addition, consumers are demanding more responsibility from brands in their communication. 92% of 15-24 year olds require companies to engage to reduce the environmental impact of their communication campaigns.

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