Sector G came out with an official statement about the melee at the “Vasil Levski” stadium – BG Football

Sector G came out with an official statement about the melee at the “Vasil Levski” stadium – BG Football

Sector G came out with an official position after the unpleasant scenes that happened during the match CSKA – Basel.

Here is what the “red” fans write:

“They say that silence was a sign of consent, so let the following lines be our disagreement with the tones of po*ia pouring out since last night.
From the beginning of our boycott until the last game with Basel, at no time and in any way was anyone threatened, insulted or chased away from anywhere. On the other hand, tons of feces from known and unknown online capacities poured into our address on a daily basis – we were paid, we were subjected to efbet, we were traitors, etc. We will spare the more rustic and obscene insults, as it is below our level. Those who send us to Bistrica never understood that if there was even an iota of truth in the pasquils they wrote, we would already be there. Without much explanation and fuss. But these things require more than mere malice and bile.

And what actually happened last night? Apparently the newly hatched demagogues have forgotten that a coin always has two sides. At the end of the first half, provoked and incited by several well-known small groups of the crowd, began to transfer en masse from “B” to “G”. At half-time our representatives went from the Army to the North Stand and asked people to disperse and head to the ends of the sector or return to the “B” in solidarity with our stand and boycott.

What followed in response was not a conversation or a constructive argument, but again the well-known ugly epithets and insults that we listed above. The rest is history. Everything has its limit and a boundary that should not be crossed.
For the record – women and children are not touched in any way. We ask Facebook leaders and already proven capacities to provide photo or video evidence to prove their ridiculous claims to say the least.

Last but not least, we would like to thank the management of the club, who since the announcement of our boycott has done absolutely nothing to initiate even a basic discussion of what, why and how, instead their representatives have been secretly going around villages and palanquins trying to win support and to explain how wrong we are behind our backs. We also thank them for today’s appearance, which further poured water into the mill of false demagoguery. Foresight for example.

For the finale, we urge everyone to feel invited to “Sector G” at absolutely every single match from now on. Sing, jump, organize tifo and show your true love. We guarantee that no one will ever come close to you. After all, this is the conclusion of everything – it can be done without us.

Respect to all true army men,

From Sector G