Second attempt: Zornitsa Sofia’s film “Mother” is the new Bulgarian Oscar nomination

Second attempt: Zornitsa Sofia’s film “Mother” is the new Bulgarian Oscar nomination

The Bulgarian contender for the “Oscar” award for international film at the National Film Center is the film “Mother” by the director Zornitsa Sofia, the selection committee of the Bulgarian proposal, chaired by Maria Bakalova, decided, the National Film Center announced.

“Mother” – a co-production of Bulgaria, Germany and Croatia was selected in competition with “Stock market players” by director Georgi Kostov, “In the heart of the machine” by director Martin Makariev, the animation “Softly spoken” by Henri Kulev, “Petya on my Petya ” by Alexander Kosev, the Bulgaria/Romania co-production “Herringbone” by Drago Sholev, “Shakespeare as a street dog” by Valeri Yordanov and “φ 1.618”, a Bulgaria/Canada co-production by the director Teodor Ushev.

The selection committee consisted of: Maria Bakalova – actress – chairman, Katerina Lambrinova – film critic, festival organizer, Hristo Hristozov – film programmer, festival organizer, Svilen Dimitrov – director, animator, Katya Trichkova – producer, Kristina Grozeva – director, producer, Alexander Stanishev – operator.

The screenwriters of “Mother” are Zornitsa Sofia and Miglena Dimova. Daria Simeonova, Leon Luchev, Daria Dimitrova, Peris Wambui, Steve Mathias, Lamar Munene participate in the co-production. As BTA wrote, the film will open “Kinomania 2022”.

Zornitsa Sofia – co-writer and director of the film, has a master’s degree in fine arts, majoring in painting. She has written, directed and produced 4 feature films, 2 documentaries and directed 7 TV series, a theater performance and an opera. Her films have been screened or awarded in Shanghai, Sarajevo, Warsaw, Goa, Busan, Cairo, Moscow, Mar del Plata. There are two films that are box office hits, and one is a Bulgarian proposal for the American Film Academy Awards, NFC recalls.

Second double

On August 6, it became clear that the film production “Escape” was placed in a situation to withdraw from the competition for the Bulgarian proposal for the “Oscar” due to a conflict of interest.

“One of the members of the selection committee is part of our film crew, which calls into question the correctness of the procedure,” says an open letter from the production team to the National Film Center.

“We would not like to comment on the way and reasons for choosing the composition of the commission. We find that the prerequisites for further disputes and infighting in the guild are present and we do not want to participate in a competition whose winner is known in advance.

What’s more – the selection of the Bulgarian proposal by law must be made by the National Film Council, not by a selection committee”, says the letter signed by Viktor Bozhinov – director of “Escape” and producers Galina Toneva and Kiril Kirilov .