Scott La Mokka Plus Sensor: a bicycle helmet that warns of braking

Scott La Mokka Plus Sensor

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Wearing a bicycle helmet is not compulsory in France for adults. Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended, if only to reduce the risk of head shocks in the event of a fall or accident. Beyond this protection, the bicycle helmet is a good way to be seen by other road users. Helmets with front and rear lights have been around for a while and Scott offered one in the guise of the La Mokka Plus. The brand now offers an improved version that embeds a new sensor.

Lighting on a bicycle helmet helps to enhance the level of visibility for cyclists. An asset in town in particular, where it allows you to be seen from further away and avoid surprising motorists, especially at night. Scott’s helmet has a strip of red LEDs on the back that can light up in several modes, fixed or flashing. The La Mokka Plus Sensor helmet gains, as its name suggests, a movement sensor capable of detecting braking. In this case, the lighting starts to flash more intensely and more quickly to warn the users who are behind.

The system is based on a rechargeable battery, the capacity and autonomy of which are not communicated. The motion sensor, however, allows you to activate an energy saving function which puts the headphones on standby after 2 minutes of immobility. So you don’t have to wonder if you’ve turned the lights on or off.

Beyond this rather interesting feature, the La Mokka Plus Sensor is manufactured using a process that molds the outer shell on the inner polystyrene foam. The Scott bike helmet can count on Mips technology which adds an additional layer helping to reduce rotational forces during an impact. With approximately 340 g, the La Mokka Plus is not particularly heavy, given the on-board technologies.

The chin strap attaches with a classic buckle and the occipital adjustment is made by means of a wheel for a precise fit. The style of the helmet remains classic and sober. The arrangement of the ventilation openings lends itself a priori good for urban use. The Scott La Mokka Plus Sensor is available in three sizes for head circumferences of 51 to 61 cm, and in three colors. All this unfortunately has a price, this helmet being offered at 239 €.

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