Scandalous revelations! Slavi announced how much money Krum Savo took…

The campaign of “There is such a people” was not well understood, admitted the showman politician

Slavi Trifonov made new confessions about his political life. This time he dusted his head with ashes that his election campaign for the last parliamentary elections was not understood by the people.

Also, the leader of “There is such a people” revealed who brought him Radostin Vassilev, who subsequently broke away from ITN after a scandal and became an MP from the “We continue the change” quota.

On Monday evening, “Something Personal” with Slavi Trifonov and Toshko Yordanov began like this:

Toshko Yordanov:

– I just want to tell you that Radostin Vassilev was brought to us by Krum Savov, who later received 24 thousand BGN as an associate of Radostin. Did you know that?

Slavi Trifonov:

-Yes I know it. But these are things that only prove everything we’re talking about. It’s hardest with people. Whoever says “I have people” to do anything, know that he is lying to you! No people! Very hard.

And that’s where the problem comes from, because it’s not enough for you that you need people with qualities, but also with morals, and that’s already very complicated! In terms of qualities, we can bring it, but in terms of morals, it is quite complicated!

Our case study in our advertising election campaign was not well received! Power is not at all costs, but morality is! It’s clear that power comes at any cost and people don’t mind it being that way.

Toshko Yordanov:

– I don’t think you’re right, Slavi! We fail to explain or attract people for other reasons. Or the time has not come. Because fewer people voted in this election than in all the others. Apparently, those who do not vote hardly agree with the thesis of Kiro and Asen and Cornelia and Boyko!

Slavi Trifonov:

– I tell you once again: The sovereign is always right! Such are the people, such is our sovereign, and we have accepted that it will be so. If there’s anyone to blame, it’s us. We have no one else to blame. Things are what they are. Happily, we can do other things.

Slavi also spoke about his ambitions to organize a referendum on a presidential republic.

We will try to take this responsibility and implement this referendum, because I think the right move is to try to change the system. What will change if we go to another election? Or now if they form a government?

It will be unprincipled in any case. The players who are there – for them we cannot think that there will be a principled coalition. It will be in the interest of the power, wrapped in “because there are crises, let’s save the people”!


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