Satisfyer innovates with three inflatable sex toys

Not one, not two, but three sex toys are entering the Satisfyer catalog. To stand out from the competition, the newcomers are equipped with a unique technology developed by the German manufacturer and called Air Pump. Thanks to it, each product can increase the diameter of its end up to 15 mm, and this in less than 12 seconds. Do not panic, Satisfyer does it gently and provides a gradual increase in volume.

If these sex toys adapt to all pleasures, it is obviously possible to use them deflated. The Air Pump is only a feature to be activated as desired. A button is provided for this purpose on the handle of the devices. In this regard, it is designed in the shape of a ring on the three models for an easier grip, according to Satisfyer.

All intended for internal stimulation, vibrators still have their favorite area. The Air Pump Vibrator 5 Connect App is a sex toy more focused on female pleasure. Its tip may take on volume and become slightly malleable. The Air Pump Bunny 5 Connect App is a reproduction of the famous “rabbit”. It has two antennas, one of which is specialized in clitoral stimulation. Be careful not to make a mistake, it is the longest axis that swells slightly. Finally, Satisfyer offers its new technology on a model intended for anal pleasure: the Air Pump Booty 5 Connect App. Compared to the other two references, the latter sees its handle shortened and its tip softened once inflated.

As their name suggests, all three are connected to the Satisfyer Connect app, which allows you to create different programs and vibration sequences. Thanks to this connectivity, the sex toys are also compatible with several platforms, such as a library of erotic audio stories, a platform for interaction with other users or even Ambiant Vibes.

And not to make anyone jealous, Satisfyer offers the three models at the same price, namely €79.95.

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