Sasho Kadiev and Desi are speechless! It was baked in “Before noon” p…

The guest left the presenters speechless

With the start of the FIFA World Cup, the comments surrounding its organization and the hosting entrusted to Qatar have not only not subsided, but have increased and become more extreme. The unusual timing of the World Cup, the lack of beer and the record-breaking price of football finals are a topic on which everyone speaks.

In “Before noon” on bTV, the theme was also central. The psychologist and writer Ivan Vladimirov-Nav, who is a weekly commentator in the studio of Sasho Kadiev and Desi Stoyanov, made an interesting and unexpected comment. However, his originality, according to many, turned out to be inappropriate, and the result was a statement that is downright insulting to the state of Qatar, as it is a mockery of its very name.

“I don’t usually watch football, but since this World Cup is going to be weird, I’m going to watch it because I love weird things. For me, the most interesting thing is that I have thought all my life that “catarrh” was some kind of venereal disease, and it turned out to be respiratory, to my great disappointment. So it’s even more interesting that the championship is in Qatar,” said Ivan Vladimirov-Nav. His attempt at a joke, unfortunately, did not cause a particular reaction in the studio, writes Judging by the comments – and among the viewers too.


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