Sanctions for Red Bull’s budget overspending announced tomorrow?

photo: Red Bull Content Pool

The information that the Red Bull team has reached an agreement with the FIA ​​regarding the federation’s announced overspending of the team’s budget for the 2021 season was revealed once again on the eve of the Mexican Grand Prix. According to Motorsport and Autosport, it will be announced tomorrow what the sanctions will be for the team from Milton Keynes. Aston Martin also settled its procedural breach. An agreement between a team and the FIA ​​means that the team admits wrongdoing and accepts a penalty determined by the federation without the right to appeal.

Christian Horner insisted during the weekend in the US that Red Bull were only a few hundred thousand dollars overspend. And the latest information is about an excess of $1.8 million.

The punishment for Red Bull, as it was said before, would be financial and sporting. This means a fine and possibly a reduction in wind tunnel testing time

Aston Martin was concerned about a specific tax in Great Britain, which the team and the FIA ​​interpreted differently. The Silverstone team is expected to receive only a financial penalty.

However, the situation with Aston Martin is practically not discussed. Ever since it emerged that two teams may have breached the budget limit last year, attention has been focused on Red Bull. The team is in a fierce battle with Mercedes in the championship in 2021. It is not known exactly how much the overspend discovered by the FIA ​​is, and what the money was spent on. In the financial rules, there is no separation of possible violations as to how the money was spent – whether for food for employees or for direct development of the car. Several possible penalties have been defined, which, upon reaching an agreement with the respective team, are imposed at the discretion of the federation.

Christian Horner had two meetings with Mohammed bin Sulayem over the weekend in Austin, Texas. The FIA ​​president was not actually involved in the negotiation process, but he did meet with the Red Bull boss. Adrian Newey was also present at the second meeting.

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