Samsung T7 Shield 1 TB test: an external SSD that fears neither shocks nor water

The technical characteristics are similar to those of the rest of the T7 series. There is thus a USB-C connector to the USB 3.2 Gen2 standard at 10 Gb / s; enough to allow up to 1050 MB / s in sequential reading and 1000 MB / s in writing. The warranty is 3 years, without specific specification on write endurance.

The Samsung T7 Shield comes with two USB-C cables of 45cm each, one leading to a USB-C connector, the other to a USB-A. In use, we have detected a rather unusual design flaw on a case of this type: the USB-C cables cannot be fully inserted and lead to imperfect hold and USB disconnection as soon as the case is handled. In question, a USB-C connector tucked too far behind the plastic facade. A particularly disappointing point from Samsung.

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