Samsung presents a 4 TB version of its T7 Shield SSD

A powerful SSD and today with an even larger capacity. Samsung just announced the marketing of a new version of its T7 Shield SSD, with an even higher capacity.

4 TB for what purpose?

With the new version of the T7 Shield, Samsung customers will be able to transfer up to 4TB of data. The first version of the SSD, announced in April 2022, today only includes two versions, one of 1 TB and another of 2 TB. The new version of 4 TB is particularly aimed at content creators, whose work requires great storage capacity. Samsung announces that several hours of video at resolutions up to 12K can be stored on the device.

Moreover, with its exceptional transfer capabilities, the device saves significant time when moving large files. The Korean manufacturer promises a read speed of 1050 megabytes per second (MB / s) and a write speed of 1000 MB / s, twice as much as the old T5 range. Remarkable performance that can be exploited like an internal SSD, to start editing and rendering without latency or overheating thanks to dynamic thermal protection technology.

Launched at €500

Still covered with a thick layer of rubber, the T7 Shield SSD in the 4 TB version is resistant to shocks and drops up to 3 meters according to Samsung. An IP65 protection guarantees protection against water and dust. Finally, its weight close to 100 grams makes it the ideal tool for adventurers.

Already available on the Samsung site, the T7 Shield 4TB SSD is priced at €499.99 in France and €489.99 in Belgium and the Netherlands. For its part, the first version of the Samsung disk (1 TB) is available at affordable prices on the net, between 100 and 120 € on e-commerce sites in February 2023 (see below).

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