Samsung Bespoke AI washing machine: large capacity and energy sobriety

With its 11 kg drum that fits in standard dimensions, its system that optimizes water and detergent consumption, the Samsung Bespoke brings you into the era of intelligent and economical washing.

When it comes to laundry care, we all have pretty much the same expectations. We want a washing machine that works against dirt and stains, but takes care of the clothes. A high-capacity, powerful spin-drying machine that is as economical as possible in terms of water and electricity consumption. Requirements that seem contradictory, but that Samsung has managed to reconcile in its latest high-end porthole washing machine. The Bespoke AI washing machine, found in particular at Bakerintroduces new innovations that make it both more efficient and more economical.

An XL drum in a standard depth

Let’s start with technology SpaceMax which frees up space inside the chassis to house an XL drum with a capacity of 11 kg (71 litres) while maintaining a standard depth of 60 cm. As a result, the Bespoke AI washing machine can meet the needs of a family by taking the place of a conventional washing machine.

The new Samsung Bespoke washing machines have an XL drum capacity of 11 kg while maintaining a standard depth of 60 cm.

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A cold wash as effective as 40 degrees

Thanks to its various sensors, this washing machine analyzes the weight, the type of laundry and its level of soiling, then adjusts the cleaning and spinning program (up to 1,400 rpm) accordingly. And that’s not all ! Technology AI Ecobubble injects air into the mixture of water and detergent to create a foam that penetrates more quickly to the heart of the fibers for an ultra-efficient wash. And thanks to this intelligent system, the Bespoke AI washing machine is able to wash cold (15°C) with the same efficiency as washing at 40°C. Energy savings can be up to 70%, without compromising cleaning quality.

An induction motor guaranteed for 20 years

At the forefront of innovation, the Bespoke AI washing machine is also designed to last, with its induction motor which limits friction and energy loss. Thus, it reduces noise (72 dB), vibrations and makes washing machine parts less subject to wear. It is guaranteed for 20 years. Samsung has also refined the maintenance of the machine, with the self-cleaning detergent drawer and the Drum+ program which cleans the inside of the washing machine and eliminates bacteria responsible for bad odors.

A connected and intelligent washing machine

Thanks to its intelligent control panel, the Samsung Bespoke AI washing machine will learn from your habits in order to display the most used programs in priority. This technology, which makes everyday life easier, can also be found in the Super Fast program which washes 5 kg of laundry in 59 minutes and in the steam program which ensures hygienic cleaning.

The Samsung SmartThings app is used to control Bespoke washing machines.  Drawing.

The app SmartThings allows you to follow the progress of a laundry in progress, to program washes and to control the energy consumption of the Samsung Bespoke washing machine.

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With the app Samsung SmartThingsyou can follow the progress of a laundry in progress, program washes, but also control the energy consumption of the washing machine.

Smart, efficient and energy efficient, the Samsung Bespoke AI washing machine is more than a washing machine. It is a real assistant who takes care of clothes and simplifies your life.

Up to €150 refunded on your washing machine!

Finally, good news for those who would like to equip themselves for the start of the school year, Samsung reimburses you up to 150€ on the purchase of a washing machine, a washer-dryer or a tumble dryer. A cumulative refund offer that even benefits from a €70 bonus for those who equip themselves with both a washing machine and a dryer (to know more). But don’t wait too long, you have until September 13 included to benefit from this offer limited to the first 5,300 participations.

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